Monday, 24 September 2012

Old Faithful Shop

Another visual shopping session from the Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver.
I may grab the chocolate actually!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Emmerson Bed

Best bed I've seen in a while. Not only it is gorgeous, but also ecofriendly. ''Reclaimed, relaxed and refined. Made from reclaimed pine shipping pallets certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), the Emmerson Bed shows the knots and natural imperfections that make each piece subtly one of a kind.'' Sounds good to me!

Saturday, 15 September 2012


All those pictures are from me.
This summer was maybe not the best, but I'm glad to at least have a few photos.
2012 is so far the year I have learned the most on myself. It is also the year where I fell down the most, but got back on my feet with a little bit more experience. On top of that, I made a lot of mistakes but in the end it made me somewhat smarter. I grew up, I know that... And it is a good thing that I am ready to follow and deal with. You're the owner of your own life, never forget that.

Terrain - A brief visual shopping.

Everything via Terrain.
Got a crush on that store.


American Apparel socks, Vanishing Elephant shirt (2011), Vintage knit, H&M sweat.

I usually pair that with my gray New Balance 574s. It is my favorite outfit right now, since the weather is aroud 14-16'C degrees in mid-september. The VE shirt is light while the knit is kind of heavy and super snug, so I don't comprise being outside or inside, it's like having a heat balance. Ok now, run to your H&M and get those sweatpants. They are so soft and comfortable, but most of all, the fabric doesn't look like you're walking out in your homewear. Those are kind of slim fit but I tighten them a little bit for a more fitted look.   

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Penny stock - Fall 2012

Favorite picks.

Architecture - The Allendale House

All pictures via Wojr.org.

When it comes to architecture, you know how to get my attention. Introducing here William O'Brien Jr., a very talented architect that is one of my inspiration. The Allendale House is my favorite project from him. It combines a modern and pure design that still has the wood cabin vibe. I will skip the dialogue of the idea behind the structure (find it here) but I just admire how the harmony of the line and space has been thought. Definitively in my top 5 of favourite architectural realisation.

Speaking of.

Hixsept (now Études, see the post below) 2012 collection presented by Freudian Kicks.
Everything I see here is perfection. The jeans cut, the painted shirt and the choice of shoes. Just everything.

Changements pour Hixsept.

Picture via Études Studio.

Hixsept came up with fresh news lately. The french based brand will now team up with JSJB, an artist that seems to be a spécialiste of freelance photography studies. According to their Facebook page, the brand will now (still) offer quality products but in a more artistically dynamic way. Not only clothes will be part of the new Études brand but also publications and art direction services will come up with that. Let's say like Acne with their Acne Paper issues, but in a more independant and artistic way. This sounds quite exciting and I'm pretty sure they already have projects on the table, time will tell. They also just launched a Tumblr, you can follow them here.

Want #1

Svpply widget is not working for me, gonna manually update. You can find me here.


2 books on my wishlist right now.

Quick note : Added my Tumblr interface just under my blog tittle to make it interactive.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I made this sweatshirt last week and it is my new favorite. It first was a huge hoodie I bought for winter. However it was very long and large so it became somewhat a statement sweat. Got tired of it and decided to crop it and take off the hood. I wanted it to look like a Fun Fun one, back in 1983, in their Happy Station videoclip. I cropped it like... just before summer so I wore it like 2 times because it was just too warm outside to wear it. So last week I had a lot of free time and decided to transform that jumper into homewear. I sewed the fabric up side down (the cream colour is normally the interior), added the old elastic band (previously cropped) and made a collar with extra fabric I had from sweatpants.

This is definitively what I'm gonna wear at home this fall/winter!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Food #2

Jasmin rice, nori, fried onions & chickpeas, soy sauce.

I was full. I recently began to cook traditional food from Asia. As my inspiration, I follow this blog, which is hosted by a vegetarian japanese woman blogging from Tokyo. I am a vegetarian myself and needed a little more inspirations in my meals. The asian food was tempting me but I had to found a way to bring it in my plate without any meat. This blog is right what I was looking for. She's making quick and easy recipes that are actually a good base for anything. For example, the idea of fried chickpeas came from her soy burger : and it's delicious. However, I'm still wishing to attend a real japanese cooking course (vegetarian or not) to acknowledge techniques and even more ideas of recipes!


From left to right ; H&M (Old), Vanishing Elephant (2011), Vintage, Vintage.

Simplicity. That's what I preach for now. I bought this VE shirt last year because I was looking for a floral print that was subtle and not too arrogant. It is made out in linen fabric which is super light so it's perfect for summer alone and to layer with knitwear in the fall and winter. The neutral colour keeps it versatile and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep it for a long time. There is not much to say about my line shirt, I have it for 4 years now but I'm not wearing it a lot, the fabric is cheap polyester I believe ; not really soft. My last purchase was this vintage 90s shirt. The print is just so... random. You know, good old 90s sofa print, well, on a shirt. I bought this shirt for the fabric texture, which is some kind of flannel mixed with rayon, it is extremely soft and flowy, I love it. Tried to dye it black, turned just very very dark (original colours were orange, purple, and just a mix of different shades of those 2) but I'm still happy. Gonna try to dye it again for maximum result. The last one is my dad's old jeans shirt. It is oversized (on purpose, I think it is in fact a small) and I love it as my to-go shirt, I just throw it on white t-shirt with black jeans and bam! I got my outfit.  

But like a said in my previous topic, I made a huge 100% clean up of my closet, and this is what remains so for me, 4 shirts is quite nice at the moment haha. I might add a grey flannel shirt or something like that, for winter, I'll get to my shopping soon!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


APC x Madras swimshorts.

I found those at Urban Outfitters in Cambridge back in April. Even by the end of the summer, I'm still not  tired of them, which makes me happy because I aim for sustainability in my wardrobe. Speaking of which, I have rules for my closet. In the past, I used to buy a lot of cheap stuff from H&M, for example, just because it was cheap and easy. Also, I was not thinking about matching or colours or styles which was resulting to be frustrating because I was buying clothes that I liked, but that were awful together. So I made up some rules for my purchase while shopping. First, it is not even related to style or fashion, it's just a reminder : Do I really need it? Asking myself this question makes me think of what I have and therefore : Will it match? Another rule I made up is to worship basic garments. I can't tell how stressful it was to have a lot of prints, lines and colours in my wardrobe. Basics last longer, are versatile and most of the time, are cheaper (but I'm gonna make another topic about that, this one is getting too long!) So to wrap up this first Favorite issue, my last rule is to buy for myself, not to look for someone else. Which means; follow no fashion, you're the creator.