Thursday, 6 September 2012


APC x Madras swimshorts.

I found those at Urban Outfitters in Cambridge back in April. Even by the end of the summer, I'm still not  tired of them, which makes me happy because I aim for sustainability in my wardrobe. Speaking of which, I have rules for my closet. In the past, I used to buy a lot of cheap stuff from H&M, for example, just because it was cheap and easy. Also, I was not thinking about matching or colours or styles which was resulting to be frustrating because I was buying clothes that I liked, but that were awful together. So I made up some rules for my purchase while shopping. First, it is not even related to style or fashion, it's just a reminder : Do I really need it? Asking myself this question makes me think of what I have and therefore : Will it match? Another rule I made up is to worship basic garments. I can't tell how stressful it was to have a lot of prints, lines and colours in my wardrobe. Basics last longer, are versatile and most of the time, are cheaper (but I'm gonna make another topic about that, this one is getting too long!) So to wrap up this first Favorite issue, my last rule is to buy for myself, not to look for someone else. Which means; follow no fashion, you're the creator.

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