Friday, 7 September 2012


From left to right ; H&M (Old), Vanishing Elephant (2011), Vintage, Vintage.

Simplicity. That's what I preach for now. I bought this VE shirt last year because I was looking for a floral print that was subtle and not too arrogant. It is made out in linen fabric which is super light so it's perfect for summer alone and to layer with knitwear in the fall and winter. The neutral colour keeps it versatile and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep it for a long time. There is not much to say about my line shirt, I have it for 4 years now but I'm not wearing it a lot, the fabric is cheap polyester I believe ; not really soft. My last purchase was this vintage 90s shirt. The print is just so... random. You know, good old 90s sofa print, well, on a shirt. I bought this shirt for the fabric texture, which is some kind of flannel mixed with rayon, it is extremely soft and flowy, I love it. Tried to dye it black, turned just very very dark (original colours were orange, purple, and just a mix of different shades of those 2) but I'm still happy. Gonna try to dye it again for maximum result. The last one is my dad's old jeans shirt. It is oversized (on purpose, I think it is in fact a small) and I love it as my to-go shirt, I just throw it on white t-shirt with black jeans and bam! I got my outfit.  

But like a said in my previous topic, I made a huge 100% clean up of my closet, and this is what remains so for me, 4 shirts is quite nice at the moment haha. I might add a grey flannel shirt or something like that, for winter, I'll get to my shopping soon!

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